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Pre-orders are now being accepted for the following upcoming releases:

To pre-order, please email sales [at] excalibregames.com with your items and quantities wanted, your name, receiving address, phone and preferred email address.

We expect to go to print by years' end.

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The Mythic Wars Have Begun!

Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods cover art
Mythic Wars: Clash of the Gods Base Set
$32.95 MSRP (Item #3501)

Mythic Wars: Cthulhu Rises cover art
Mythic Wars: Cthulhu Rises Expansion Set
$8.95 MSRP (Item #3501A)
Mythic Wars: Nemesis cover art
Mythic Wars: Nemesis Expansion Set
$8.95 MSRP (Item #3501B)

Mythic Wars is the exciting new tabletop game series from Excalibre Games. Up to 8 players compete in a battle of mythic proportions, building factions from among a variety of gods and goddesses, and pitting those factions against each other in the ultimate showdown — where the gods themselves clash for control of the universe!

Part deck-builder, part die-roller, but 100% mythic.

Special Offers

Order directly from Excalibre Games to take advantage of these special, limited-time offers:

  • Get 2 exclusive promotional cards for just $4.00! (Item #3501C)
  • Get the 1 of each of the above items (that's 1 copy of the Clash of the Gods base set, plus 1 copy of each of the expansions, AND the 2 exclusive promo cards) for just $49.95! (Item #3501X)
  • Get a signed copy of the Clash of the Gods base set for just $39.95! (Item #3501S)
  • Dealer Exclusive — Any store ordering a 6-pack of the Clash of the Gods base set plus each of the expansions will get a free copy of both Rommel's Panzers AND Stalin's Tanks!

Want some exciting supplemental images and media for your in-store and online Mythic Wars promotions? Contact us today!

Excalibre Games has an extensive product array including a selection of high quality historical boardgames.



My underlying philosophy for Excalibre Games has always been to maintain AUTHENTICITY in the products produced.

The trend, especially today, is going in exactly the opposite direction, where a game; whether a good one or a bad one will usually have a veneer or superficial layer of flavour or imagery but very little reality.

This is true not only of the typical euro or family game, but also of military games as well, including some of the most popular ones.

Thus whether it is Axis and Allies by Milton Bradley, or for example the two most highly rated games on Board Game Geek: Twilight Struggle by GMT and Through the Ages by Eagle Games; neither has that ring of truth and reality that makes a merely enjoyable game, authentic and a great one.

Whereas Through the Ages is obviously merely a cartoon of history providing only flavour; Twilight Struggle actually does harm by perpetuating many misconceptions.

Thus in contrast Excalibre Games has produced a number of truly great titles including: Ironclads, Wings, To the Green Fields Beyond, Trajan, Kaiserschlacht 1918, Ancient Conquest, A Mighty Fortress and Battle for Stalingrad.

Every one of these games is not only great as a game but also provides an authentic and earnest portrayal of history.

Now that Excalibre Games is branching out to produce family and fantasy titles as well as historical ones; it will be a challenge for us to retain this sense of the authentic.


As a small hobby producer, it is hoped that these efforts will give Excalibre's products the status of timeless classics which will continue to sell well for decades.

Other companies focus upon the short term sales immediately coming after product release and the whole distribution system has also gone this way.

Excalibre Games is taking a different line seeking to produce enduring value.

Company Overview

Excalibre Games is a small boardgame producer which has survived the decades where most of the producers in the hobby industry have failed. The key to our success has been:

  1. to have a broad enough product line to effectively supply customers and profitably attend conventions, unlike most small producers. And
  2. to avoid the large overhead of major producers in the industry.

While Excalibre has focused upon producing quality historical titles in the past; now Excalibre Games will be expanding it's horizons and will be entering both the family and fantasy games markets as well as continuing to produce fine historical games.